My name is Lidia Muhamadeva. I’ve started my career in media as photojournalist and for many I`ve cooperated with various photo agencies worldwide. I`ve created thousands of shots that got spread around the globe. While I was photographing my clients (politicians, businessmen, lawyers, sportsmen and show business celebrities) often I had to support them in creating the looks for photoshoot. My interest in fashion led me to shoot stories for TV and YouTube more and more often. Interest in fashion and visual aesthetic sensitivity brought me to profession of Stylist.

After my son Bernard was born, I decided to concentrate on children`s fashion more. The motherhood brought me to the world of baby fashion. I like when the style has a note of humor, and the children’s fashion has really a lot of fun. Thanks to clothes and accessories we can create fabulous and breath-taking stories with little heroes. There are hundreds of hours of backstage work behind the magic of fashion looks creation for magazines, look books, big shopping malls. Every day I check thousands of children’s goods of various brands, follow new collections, analyze world fashion trends, review look books of my colleagues.

On my Instagram page and website you can see the pictures from a few of my latest photoshoots for journals as well as private stylizations done for my clients. Game is important in fashion, and who can play so selfless if not children? That`s why I love so much to create looks for children.